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Specialty Coffee | 100% Arabica

We take our responsibility seriously & guarantee the highest quality & sustainability. By helping us, you actively participate in the fight against human trafficking.

Our Beans Save Human Beings!

Brew HOPE with us, one cup at a time.


USDA Organic & OneCert International Organic Standards Certifications


About our Coffee


Organic Superior Specialty 100% Arabica Coffee.

Light Body

Light Body with Soft Smooth Flavor.


Very Mild Acidity Level.

Shade Grown

100 % Shade Grown.


Wet Processed, Sun Dried, Handpicked & Sorted.

We’re loved.

“Himalayan Coffee is one of the best coffees I’ve tasted. It’s delicious and smooth. My only problem with it is that it’s hard to have only one cup!” 

Morgan – McKinney, Texas

“HBL coffee was great by French press. Even my wife who is super picky about coffee gave it a thumbs up. Coffee does well in press and pod. So far, I favor the press. Himalayan Beans certainly beats most domestic brands.”

Chuck – Oklahoma

“I usually need to add a lot of sugar to my coffee. But not with the only *I repeat, the ONLY* organic coffee from the Himalayas in the US and right here in Texas! So smooth, non-acidic, tasty, and aromatic. My tastebuds are blessed.”

Ruth – Dallas, Texas


Himalayan Beans & Leaves (HBL) is a for-profit branch of WMOO that will help to finance the
lifesaving work we do. HBL proudly partners with Plantec for fair trade and sustainable practices
supporting the rescued women with jobs as well as assisting the children of the farmers through
academic programs and anti-human trafficking efforts. With every purchase made, every cup
enjoyed, you are actively participating in the fight against human trafficking. Partner with us in
creating positive change, one sip at a time, because our beans save human beings! 

Will you partner and brew hope with us, one cup at a time?

The Himalayan country of Nepal is well known for its exotic beauty and the highest mountain peaks in the world.

The Plantec Farm

Founded in 1990 with 100 hectares located in the Nuwakot district which is about 80 km north-west of the Capital City, Kathmandu. This specialty premium Arabica coffee with Organic Certification is cultivated at 2200 – 2400 feet above the sea level in the South of the Ganesh Himal Mountain.

Northernmost Coffee Producer

This places the coffee farm as the northernmost coffee producer of superior quality Himalayan glacial water washed and 100% shade grown which has contributed to reforestation, soil conservation and encouraged the return of several endangered wild life like leopard, dear civets along with a multitude of both migratory and non-migratory birds. All coffee cherries are handpicked, sorted entirely by hand and sundried.

Coffee Farm Impact

The farm has had considerable impact on the livelihood of the local inhabitants of this backward region especially in regard to women employment and training.

Very mild acidity / light body with soft smooth flavor.